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Soil Moisture Sensor
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Soil Moisture Sensor


The GSI Soil Moisture Sensor uses capacitance and frequency domain techniques to measure the dielectric constant of a medium and derive volumetric moisture content (VWC) accordingly. With a frequency of 70 MHz, the measurement process is minimally affected by the salinity and structure of the medium, so the GSI can measure almost any soil or substrate VWC. Measuring range 0 - 57% (saturated VWC for different types of soil is usually 40 - 60%). It provides a universal calibration of mineral soils and soilless matrices to accurately measure VWC in soils and soilless matrices in the larger salinity range.

Main features

ECH2O sensor basic version - can accurately measure the volumetric water content (VWC) of soil or soilless substrates.

Strong and durable - epoxy resin shell, long-term tolerance of the field temperature and humidity environment, not afraid of water erosion.

Stainless steel probe - easy to install and good contact with soil

Wide measuring range - sensitive to moisture content in various soils and media, even when VWC changes are small

70 MHz Capacitance Technology - Minimal influence of salinity and structure, accurate determination of VWC in almost any soil or soilless matrix

Compatible with a wide variety of data acquisitions - Connects multiple input voltages and derives easy-to-read output voltages. Converts voltage values to soil moisture through a simple linear relationship, so it is compatible with a wide range of data.

Affordable - cost-effective, even if the funds are limited, GSI can also help you achieve multi-depth, multi-site monitoring of the sample.

Technical indicators

Measurement time 10 ms

Accuracy Typical soil: ±0.03 m3/m3 (±3%) (EC<8 dS/m);

Specific soil calibration: ±0.01 ~ 0.02 m3/m3 (±1~2%)

Resolution 0.001 m3/m3 (0.1%) (Mineral Soil VWC)

Power supply requirements 3.0 - 15 VDC (absolute maximum) @ 15 mA

Output 1000 - 2500 mV

Operating Environment -40 ~ 50°C

Measuring range 0 - 57% VWC

Sensor size 5.1 cm × 2.4 cm × 2.1 cm