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HCSC-8 Acquisition System
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HCSC-8 Acquisition System


HCSC-8 Acquisition System

Chapter 1 Overview

HCSC-8 acquisition system supports 8-channel sensor acquisition, real-time data transfer to the computer through the USB interface for storage of documents supporting Excel spreadsheets, support for custom ranges, and statistical analysis of all curves.

Chapter II Features

Fast acquisition speed, high precision, high integration, reduced line, and convenient software operation.

Chapter 3 Installation and Commissioning

Sensor connection

The 8 acquisition channels of the HCSC-8 acquisition system all use 5-core aviation plugs to connect with sensors. One pin is a 24VDC power supply, 2 feet is a sensor voltage signal input, 3 feet is a power ground, and 4 feet is a signal ground.

Note: Before connecting the sensor, be sure to turn off the power first to avoid damaging the sensor or the acquisition system.

install driver

When the DC power is turned on and the USB interface is connected to the computer, the acquisition card can be tested and debugged. If the computer is connected to the capture card for the first time, the system will discover the new hardware and prompt you to install the driver. At this time, you can see the device information without the driver in the device manager of the system, as shown in Figure 3.1. .

Figure 3.1 Device Information Without Driver

Steps to install the driver:

Figure 3.1 Device Information Without Driver

1. Select "USBSeries DAQ", right click and select "Update Driver Software".

2. Go to the “How to Search Driver Software” screen as shown in Figure 3.2 and select the second item “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Figure 3.2 How to Search for Driver Software

3. Go to the "Browse for driver files on your computer" as shown in Figure 3.3 and select the second item "Select from a list of device drivers on your computer".

Figure 3.3 Browsing the Driver Files on a Computer

4. Go to "Select the type of device from the following list" as shown in Figure 3.4 and click the "Next" button.

Figure 3.4 Select the type of device from the following list

5, enter into the "select the device driver to be installed for this hardware" as shown in Figure 3.5, click the "Have Disk" button, in the pop-up file selection dialog box, click "Browse", according to your operating system , Select the "USBSeries DAQ.inf" file in the driver folder on the CD, click the "Open" button, and then click the "OK button".

Figure 3.5 Select Device Drivers to Install for this Hardware

6, "Select the device driver to be installed for this hardware" window will appear "USBSeries DAQ" hardware information, as shown in Figure 3.6, selected, click "Next" button in the pop-up Windows security dialog box, Selecting "Always install this driver software" completes the driver installation. (This step is slightly different depending on the operating system. This manual uses the Windows 7 operating system as an example.)

Figure 3.6 Select Device Drivers to Install for this Hardware

7. After installing the driver correctly, the device information of the capture card will be correctly displayed in the device manager, as shown in Figure 3.7.

Figure 3.7 Device Manager Information After Installing the Driver Correctly

install software

Run setup.exe in the installation package and install it using the default path.

After the installation is complete, the HCSC-8 Pressure Acquisition System application icon appears on the computer desktop.

Run the software

After the software runs correctly, it will enter the configuration interface. You can set the sampling rate, the location of the data storage, the channel comment, the range of the corresponding channel sensor, and the channel selection.

Parameter configuration

Sampling Rate

The sample rate parameter is to set the number of sample points saved per channel per second.

Data storage path

The data storage path is the location and file name where the data is saved. The data file is saved in csv format and can be opened with Excel.

Channel configuration

The first column check box needs to collect and store the channels. The channel numbers CH1~CH8 correspond to the channel number of the front panel of the acquisition system hardware.

Remarks The name can be arbitrarily set to facilitate memory and identification. For example, CH1 can be set to point A pressure, and CH2 can be set to point B pressure.

The range is to set the range of the sensor connected to the channel. For example, the range of the sensor connected to the CH1 channel is 0 to 100 kPa. Enter 0 and 100 in the two boxes of the row of CH1.

Chapter IV Data Acquisition

Switch to the data acquisition interface via the tabs tab.

In the data collection interface, the control button area is as follows:

Enable zero suppression

Start data collection

When all sensors and acquisition systems and computers are connected correctly and all acquisition parameters are correctly configured, you can click the Start button to begin data collection.

During the acquisition process, data is automatically stored in real-time and set in the data folder.

When you need to end the data collection, click the "Stop" button and the system will stop working.

Zero elimination operation

If you need to zero the data during the acquisition, after starting the acquisition, click the “Clear Zero” button to make this button pressed. At this time, the system has stored the current measurement value as a zero value, and the system will Subtract the zero value from the tested value before drawing it to the graph and store it. Click the "Clear Zero" button again to cancel the zero operation


If you need to perform statistical analysis on the data, click “Statistics”, a window will pop up. The statistics window contains statistics on all open channels, including the maximum, minimum, and average values.

Data storage file

The data will be automatically stored as a csv file in the set folder. The file name will be automatically arranged according to the "**** 2015-1-1 9-30-30.csv" format.

Chapter 5 Chassis Size and Appearance

Size: Height*Width*Deep=105*267*220mm(mm)