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HC-1 Series Acceleration Sensor
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HC-1 Series Acceleration Sensor


HC1series accelerometer adopts MEMS microelectromechanical accelerometer chip. According to different users' requirements, it designs, customizes and produces all kinds of military civilian accelerometers. It has excellent performance and meets various special requirements of users. It is widely used in aerospace, railways, etc. Bridges, construction, vehicles, machinery, water conservancy, electricity, petroleum, geology, environmental protection, and earthquakes.

The HC-1 series accelerometers have optimized the inertial sensing element and the adjustment circuit and packaged in the same housing. The vibration acceleration of the measured object can be converted into various standard electrical signals 0..5~4.5V, 1~ 5V,0~±5V,0~±10V,0~±10mA,0~±20mA,4~20mA are available for the user to choose from. The external structure and mounting method can be selected according to the user's requirements. Center screw hole fixing, 4 screw fixing and magnetic seat Adsorption fixation and other ways.

Main Specifications

Range: ±0.5g~±250g

Frequency range: ~2500Hz

Linear Accuracy: <±0.2%

Transverse sensitivity: <±5%

Ambient temperature: -40°C~105°C

Storage temperature: -65°C~165°C

Protection class: IP65, IP67, IP68

Impact resistance limit: 4000g

Standard Product Specification Sheet

HC-1-1 type

HC-1-2 type

HC-1-3 type

Direction of vibration measurement

One-way Z axis

X, Y axis

X, Y, Z axis



Linear error


working frequency


Power supply and output signals

Single-supply 5V power supply can output 0.5~4.5V dynamic signal

Operating temperature

-10°C~70°C -25°C~85°C

Installation method

Center screw hole



The largest size (mm)




Chassis shape and size

Hexagon 32

Hexagon 32

Hexagon 32