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HC-8 Micro Load Cell
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HC-8 Micro Load Cell


HC-8 miniature load cell adopts micro-precision design, steelintegrated structure, high protection performance, mainly for one Use onoccasions where space is limited.

Micro weighing sensor performance indicators:

Main Specifications  

Range: 0.01-3t

Output sensitivity: 1.0±0.1mV/V

Accuracy: ±0.2, ±0.3 (linear + hysteresis + repeatability) %FS

Effect of temperature on zero: ±0.02 %FS/°C

Temperature on range: ±0.02 %FS/°C

Output resistance: 350±5Ω

Insulation resistance: ≥2000MΩ

Bridge voltage: 9~15VDC

Operating temperature range: -30+80°C

Compensation temperature range: -1060°C

Allow overload: 150% FS

Protection class: IP65

Microload cell installation diagram: