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JT-Wireless Test Analysis System
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JT-Wireless Test Analysis System


This product can be used as new products for various types of civil engineering structures (such as bridges, port engineering, super high-rise buildings, tunnels, wind power, etc.) under construction and for long-term safety inspections. It uses wireless detection methods to detect objects Remote automatic security alerts (alarms) can reduce or eliminate the risk of major accidents. This product has a long-term stability, versatility of wireless transmission remote automatic test and analysis system, can be equipped with different types of sensors (strain, pull-type, conductive plastic type), according to user needs, you can set the force value or displacement value as a safety warning value.

l sampling channel: 8 channels;

l Expansion port: 485 interface; (up to 32 units can be expanded)

l Sampling frequency: up to 10Hz

l should be variable range: ± 19999με;

l Bridge voltage: 2V;

l AD converter: 24bit;

l Power supply: external DC12V power supply;

       (With internal rechargeable battery, external solar charger can be used without AC power).

l Communication: GPRS wireless transmission.

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