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Miniature soil stress sensor use matters needing attention

Miniature soil stress sensor use matters needing attention

   1. Sensor: Single crystal silicon is used as the substrate, and according to the specific crystal face, it is processed into cups, beams, membranes and other shapes according to the form of force. It is diffused into four equal resistances by integrated circuit technology to form a Wheatstone Bridge, when the sensor is stressed, the bridge loses its balance and an electrical signal proportional to the pressure is output. 2. Signal amplifier: 10~5V equal voltage mode output, using differential input instrumentation amplifier for amplification, with good stability, high precision, high common-mode rejection ratio, high input impedance, and good anti-jamming performance; 24 ~ 20mA current mode, using V / I conversion dedicated circuit, the circuit is simple, fewer originals, with high precision, high reliability, high stability and other advantages.

Fourth, pay attention to matters

   1. Correctly connect the wiring according to the wiring requirements. If there is no signal output when the connection is reversed, the transmitter can work after the power is turned on, but the output signal is more stable and reliable after 30 minutes warm-up. 2. To improve the anti-jamming capability, the shielded cable should be Connected with the monitoring and control instrument shielded wire or earth; 3, the transmitter is used in the medium without corrosion to silicon and stainless steel (except special anti-corrosion); 4, the maximum pressure of the measured system can not exceed 150% of the rated value, The pressure end of the transmitter must not be connected to conductive, corrosive liquids or gases. 5. Do not press the silicon chip with a sharp and hard object. 6. If necessary, the user can open the transmitter cover during the calibration test. , Fine-tuning zero (Z) and full-scale (S) potentiometer (except watertight seal type); 7, the signal amplifier is not waterproof, water inlet will damage the circuit board; 8, each sensor and its signal amplifier matching matching, different sensors It is not interchangeable with amplifiers.

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