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About Us

         Beijing Hengrui Changtai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2013 and is located in the Zhongguancun High tech Park in Beijing. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales, leasing, technical services, and import and export business of industrial control automation products. The company has a group of returned overseas students, senior engineers, and professional technical personnel with rich practical experience.

         Since its establishment, the company has successively developed HC brand sensors/transmitters for pressure, stress, tensile pressure, weighing, matrix suction, water potential, tension, liquid level, temperature, gas humidity, soil humidity, soil conductivity, displacement, acceleration, as well as instrument products such as online signal acquisition systems, offline signal acquisition systems, and 4G Internet of Things acquisition systems. At present, the company has several major series and hundreds of products launched in the market, widely used in many fields such as aerospace, petrochemical, water conservancy and hydropower, geological survey, automation equipment, civil engineering, national defense, scientific research, testing, teaching, equipment manufacturing, industrial control, testing, etc. The micro soil conductivity sensor, micro water potential sensor, micro tension sensor, micro matrix suction sensor, micro pressure sensor, micro acceleration sensor, micro soil temperature sensor, micro displacement sensor, micro soil humidity sensor, micro tensile pressure weighing sensor, micro pore water pressure sensor, and micro soil stress sensor developed and produced by the company have been widely used in domestic universities and research institutions, and are exported to developed countries such as Europe and America. Excellent product quality, reasonable price, and humanized service have won the recognition and trust of customers.

         At the same time, as an authorized agent for many internationally renowned brand instruments and meters, the company provides users with superior performance and reasonably priced products. The main product types include: GE Druck pressure sensors/pressure transmitters/portable multifunctional pressure calibrators/pressure standard equipment, Finnish Bemecs pressure calibrators, Swiss STS pressure sensors, Swiss KELLER pressure sensors, American PCB acceleration sensors, etc.

Our company adheres to a marketing strategy that emphasizes both product sales and providing technical services. We are your trusted partner, not only providing world-class products, but also providing comprehensive technical support and on-site services with professional technology and rich on-site experience, capable of meeting various needs of users. We can not only provide standardized products to meet the general needs of our customers, but also offer customized non-standard products with special specifications according to their technical requirements to meet their special needs. We adhere to the service development concept of abiding by contracts, valuing reputation, mutual benefit, and customer first, constantly innovating, focusing on the development and promotion of technology in the sensor measurement and control industry, providing users with perfect products and measurement and control solutions. We look forward to new and old customers calling to inquire, and we will wholeheartedly serve you and become your most ideal partner.